Auto Attendent

Auto Attendant Benefits


What Does an Auto Attendant do?

  • An Auto Attendant greets all your callers with various menu options for them to choose from. You can choose the IntelliVoice default greetings, record your own or get a professionally recorded greeting.
  • Auto Attendant will also announce employee names, departments or extensions which allows a caller to select their desired department or person. For example;

    Callers Will Hear:

    Press 1 for customer service, press 2 for sales, press 3 for technical support…
    Press 1 for Jane Doe, press 2 for Jim Bron…
    If you know the extension of the party you’d like to reach, please dial it now…

  • With IntelliVoice it is easy to setup additional options to connect callers to a destination with our Multi-Level IVR menus. For Exanple;

    Callers Will Hear:

    Press 1 for customer service… For assistance with product A, press 1. For assistance with product B, press 2.
    Press 1 to speak with an account manager… Press 1 for Jane Doe, press 2 for Jim Bron…

Auto Attendant is included in all of our plans/packages and IntelliVoice makes it simple to set up your Auto Attendant. Having an Auto Attendant makes it easy for callers to get to the right department and gives you the appearance of a Fortune 500 company. Auto Attendant can also keep you from having to hire a receptionist or secretary to answer your calls.

Change Regional Settings For Area Code And/Or Hour Formats

  • Set home country area codes at both company and user level
  • Choose between 12-hr and 24-hr formats