Call Parking

Call Parking / Call Pick-Up


With IntelliVoice’s Call Park feature, you can “park” a caller on a virtual extension specifically dedicated to parking calls while you use your phone to make another call, or page another employee to pick up the call. The call is held on this dedicated extension until it is picked up by the designated person. This feature is used when you have a call but you are not at your direct extension. You may be at your desk, in the conference room or in another department. The parked call can be picked up from any phone on the system by simply dialing the extension number where the VoIP call is parked.

The parked call will remain on the extension for a maximum of five minutes. After five minutes the call will automatically ring back the person who parked the call. If the ring back is not answered, the call will be transferred to the person’s voicemail. The IntelliVoice Call Park feature is great for sales managers, owners and people who are not always at their desk. It was designed to allow you to never miss a call. IntelliVoice strives to be the most reliable business communications company and making sure you never miss a call is very important. This is why Call Parking is included in every plan/package we offer.