Find Me/Follow ME

Find Me / Follow Me And Call Forwarding


Use the Find Me / Follow Me & Call Forwarding to receive your calls on any device, in any location so you NEVER Miss A Call!

IntelliVoice offers all of our customers the freedom to leave your office without ever missing a call. Our unique servers allow you the ability to easily set your phone to ring as many as 10 devices, either at the same time or sequentially. The Find Me / Follow Me feature is available to all IntelliVoice customers with any plan or package.

  • Now you are able to forward calls automatically to multiple phone numbers, such as an office, home, or mobile phone.
  • Easily set the number of times a phone rings before calls are sent to Voicemail or forward to another device.
  • Configure your system to ring your selected numbers in simultaneous or sequential order so you never miss a single call.
  • Set specific hours for Call Forwarding to take place so you have the freedom to take calls only when you want to. Using the IntelliPortal is simple and easy to set forwarding rules.
  • Forward your calls to up to 10 different numbers and easily set what order to ring your devices. You can also ring them all at once to decrease the amount of time the caller waits to reach you.
  • Callers will always hear your IntelliVoice voicemail greeting, never your person greeting
  • You can bypass the Find Me / Follow Me feature to temporarily forward your calls to a specific number. This will bypass the internal settings and can easily be enabled and disabled.