Toll Free Numbers

  • Hosted PBX is a service where the call platform and PBX features are hosted at the service provider location (ie. The Cloud). WIth Hosted PBX, the business end users connect via IP to the provider for voice service. Having your PBX system hosted in the cloud gives you the ability to have all of the features of the traditional PBX in your office, plus more, and you are not required to have bulky equipment in your office. Another major advantage of using Virtual PBX or Cloud Hosted PBX is you can have multiple users at multiple locations all on the same system. Regardless of where your users are, they can access the phone service using a PC, Desk Phone or IntelliVoice’s Mobile App as long as they have an Internet Connection. With IntelliVoice you will receive all of the features available through a virtual pbx without having to pay extra. IntelliVoice has the most reliable servers, most reliable software, all support comes from The United States and that is why IntelliVoice is the premier choice for all of your business communication needs.
  • VoIp Phone Service
    Caller ID Control
    Local Phone Numbers
    800 Numbers
    Number Porting
    HD Video
  • Single & Mulit-Level IVR
    Find Me/Follow Me
    Call Screening
    Call Parking
    Call Log Retrieval
    Ring Groups
    Automatic Call Recording
  • Voicemail
    Visual Voicemail
    Personalized Greetings
    Business Hour Rules
    Directed Call Pick-Up
    No Busy Signals
  • You’re in great hands with IntelliVoice. In addition to managing and maintaining your business voice service, our expert sales and support team will help you with every aspect of deploying our PBX/Voice products, including:

    • Planning, configuration, and installation of your hosted VoIP service
    • Dedicated project manager and point of contact
    • 24×7 proactive monitoring detects issues before they become problems
    • US Based Technical support